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Risk Management Made Easy

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Automated Risk Management

Riscomatic saves your time by having already configured complete catalogue with Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risk Scenarios and recommended controls which are all dynamically linked between them. You just need to estimate items scales and impacts and we'll do the rest.


Become ISO 27001 Certified

We help you obtain or maintain the ISO 27001 Certification. Implement an efficient and mature Information Security Management System with us!

Centralised Document Management

Keep track of all regulations, policies, control implementations in one place. Easily provide audit evidence and control status reports.

Our Company

Riscomatic makes it easy for people in different roles in your organization to collaborate on the implementation of Information Security Management System or on Risk Management. Easy to upload docs, assign tasks, follow deadlines and control implementation. We store your sensitive information securely and you can access it anytime and anywhere.

We are an experienced team of Information Security Professionals with thorough knowledge on Risk Management and ISMS implementation. Riscomatic - a service you can trust!

Our expertise

Risk Management
Implement ISMS
Risk Assessment

Our users Love

Flexible Reporting and Dashboard

The most relevant risk management reports are at the tip of your fingers. Delight your management and auditors with comprehensible reporting.

Access from Anytime. Anywhere.

Get access to your projects on the move. Riscomatic supports your business be it through mobile, laptop or desktop as long as there is an internet connection.

Bank Level Security

Your data is safe with us with the same level of encryption as banks use -AES-256 Encryption.

Multiple User Roles and Security

Share access within your team with fine-grained user roles covering all steps of the risk management process. Easily add or revoke access to all projects.

RISCOMATIC.The Simplest and Most Efficient Way to Manage Risks

Our features

ISO 27001, 27005, 31000 compliant

Risk Management process compliant with relevant ISO standards.

Relevant statement of applicability

All selected controls are linked to the Risk Treatment. A report you will actually use!

Get rid of complicated Excel files

We help you get rid of complicated macros and countless excel worksheets with a proficient tool.

Business impact assessments

Analyze mission critical business functions and easily outline the real impact on your business.

Simple to Use

Our step by step process guides and assists you through the risk management process.

Extended Risk Scenarios list

More than 240 scenarios to choose from suitable for any organisation.

Cloud Based Risk Management

Easy to adopt. Start in no time.

Detailed Assets Catalogue

Our extended list of predefined assets will help you cover your complete organisation assessment.

Why choose us

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution makes it possible to perform Risk Management from the moment you have signed up. There is absolutely no need to install additional software on your premises. No time is lost with server procurement and deployment. You are always up to date with the latest version and features.

Our dynamic risk management process makes it possible for you to have a real time overview on your organization's risk landscape. See how the values for Inherent Risk, Current Risk and Target Risk modify when applying or removing controls and marking them as complete, when changing assets valuation levels or when reassessing a threat or vulnerability.

Easily generate and distribute to your business hierarchy relevant reports and compliance information. Our detailed and conclusive reports deliver easy management justification.

Risk Scenarios

Predefined Assets

Default Threats

DEFAULT Vulnerabilties